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6th December 2023

A pair of kittens are ready for a new life thanks to cat carers who nursed them back to health after they were abandoned on a cold, wet road.

Brothers Chilly and Icy were discovered sheltering in a cardboard box less than a mile from Cats Protection’s Bridgend Adoption Centre on a miserable, rainy day. A member of the public spotted the tiny duo by the side of the road near Robert Price Builders’ Merchant in Bryncethin.  
Sue Ben-Saud, Adoption Centre Manager, explains: “We named the kittens Icy and Chilly because they were wet, freezing cold and infested with fleas when they arrived. Chilly was very flat and minutes away from death. We weren’t sure they would survive but fortunately, our vet was on site at the time and she quickly gave them honey diluted with warm water to raise their glucose levels, before wrapping them up warmly and rushing to her vet practice where they received lifesaving care.” 
Chilly weighed just 410g, while Icy was even smaller at 370g. They were believed to be around four weeks old at which point they should weigh at least 500g and should not be separated from their mother. Kittens of Chilly and Icy’s age are only just able to walk, may not be eating solid food and require round-the-clock care.  
Sue adds: “Although we were hopeful about Icy pulling though, no one expected Chilly would make it and we were all braced for sad news. However, Chilly proved himself to be a real fighter and we were all relieved the morning after they arrived to hear that he had survived the night.”  
The kittens needed to stay for a few more days at the vet before they were returned to the centre where the on-site cat carers and fosterer Eliza ensured they had all the care and socialisation they needed not to be affected by their traumatic start. They have made a full recovery and now that they are nine weeks old will soon be going to their new home.  
Sue says: “Sadly, this isn't the only case of abandoned kittens we have had to deal with recently. In August, a litter of six five-week-old kittens was left just half a mile away from the centre on another busy road. Fortunately, they were all captured and brought into care. We are also on standby to admit another dumped litter of four young kittens which are currently with our vet receiving treatment for cat flu. 
“We understand that having an unwanted litter can feel overwhelming but it’s never ok to discard any animal in such a way. If you contact a recue organisation or vet, we will all always help and we won’t judge. It may take us a little time to make space but we will support you throughout the process and ensure we reach the best arrangement for you and the cats or kittens involved.” 
Cats Protection has seen a significant increase in kittens coming into its care in recent months. At the end of September kittens made up 47% of the cats across the charity’s UK-wide network of adoption centres and volunteer-run branches and 51% of the total cats in care in Wales. The charity’s Bridgend Adoption Centre is no different, with 64 cats currently in care, 27 of which are kittens. The centre also has a waiting list of over 115 cats. 
The team at the centre has created a JustGiving appeal for anybody who would like to help them care for kittens like Icy and Chilly.

They also have a wishlist for anyone who would prefer to donate an item directly to the kittens.  
Details of other cats and kittens in need of homes at Cats Protection’s Bridgend Adoption Centre can be found on their website.  

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