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Before contacting our branch to find out if you are eligible for assistance with neutering costs, please read the following carefully

During the current Coronavirus crisis, many vet practices are continuing to limit routine procedures in order to adopt safe working practices, work with limited resources, as well as having to prioritise emergency appointments. This means access to neutering has been and will continue to be limited for some time and availability will vary from practice to practice. Particularly during this lockdown period, veterinary practices may be subject to further limits on what procedures they can carry out. If you have any concerns, contact your local practice for further advice. 

To avoid unwanted pregnancies and putting extra stress on over-stretched vets, we’re advising the following:
- Keep unneutered cats indoors to prevent unplanned litters.
- Contact your local vet to discuss whether you can book ahead for a neutering operation. If your usual vet practice is unable to neuter at this time, try contacting other practices in the local area. 
- Keep your unneutered cat or kitten indoors – Remember, cats can get pregnant from as young as four months of age.
- Make sure brothers and sisters are separated – Cats will mate with their siblings, so it is best to keep them apart at all times. 
- Avoid the temptation of having a litter of cute kittens – Access to veterinary care is currently limited.

If you require financial assistance for neutering your cat, we may be able to help you through our means-tested neutering scheme. Our scheme is designed to help local cat owners on benefits or limited incomes to get their cats neutered. Our neutering vouchers contribute towards the cost of the operation. 

To find out if you are eligible and to obtain a neutering voucher, please telephone our branch on 01634 913 413
If we confirm you are entitled to a voucher, please allow up to 2 weeks for your voucher to arrive in the post. Current postal delays mean that some vouchers may take slightly longer than 2 weeks to arrive. We do our best to send out vouchers promptly but postal delays are out of our control. Please bear this in mind when requesting a voucher and ideally wait until you've received your voucher before booking your neutering appointment at your local vetarinary practice. 

My cat isn’t neutered. Can they still go outside?
We’d advise keeping them indoors to avoid the possibility of them having kittens. Any pregnancy in a cat has an associated risk and as access to veterinary care is limited, we’d advise that you avoid them getting pregnant (or getting another cat pregnant).

What do I need to do for my cat if I decide to keep them indoors?
There are a number of things you can do to help your cat adjust to their temporary indoor life. Here are some of our top tips:
- Invest in a fishing rod toy and play with your cat regularly – great fun, excellent exercise and mental stimulation too.
- Consider getting an enrichment feeder - An excellent boredom-buster for active cats.
- Provide your cat with a place to hide, ideally somewhere up high – perhaps a cardboard box on a sturdy shelf.
- Provide them with a litter tray for toileting and keep it clean.
- Provide your cat with a sturdy scratching post.

What should I do if my cat has kittens during the lockdown/current crisis?
If your cat is already pregnant, or becomes pregnant with kittens by accident, we’d advise you to call your vet for advice on what services they can offer at this time. Unfortunately, Cats Protection is only able to take a small number of cats as emergency cases at the moment. We’d recommend you do everything you can to protect against accidental litters at this time.