Frequently Asked Questions

How will you be maintaining social distancing and minimising risk to customers?

Our team always wear aprons and wash hands before and after handling cats.  We also wash our hands prior to touching carriers.  When you arrive to meet and collect your cat, please ring the doorbell to alert the team.  We will ask you to wear a mask whilst in the building and maintain social distancing to protect both you and our staff.  We suggest you wash your hands upon entering and leaving the building.

What happens if I change my mind?

Your reservation is not binding, so you can cancel any time up until the completion of the adoption paperwork.  As our team are working hard to facilitate a number of enquiries, we'd be grateful if you could carefully consider the commitment of adopting a cat before reserving.

Once you adopt the cat, you take full responsibility for their care.

If you feel that they are not settling in well, we ask that you give it some time and follow the settling in guidance provided. You can also discuss any concerns you may have during the follow up calls.

If after this, you still feel the cat is not a good match for your home please contact us and we will arrange a time for the cat to come back to us.

What if my cat becomes unwell?

Vet practices have been advised to only see cats in emergency situations.  Many practices are offering consultations by phone or video call, but you may wish to find out your chosen vet's current status before you adopt.
You may also like to consider signing up to our Membership Scheme which gives you access to VetfoneTM.

Why can't I come to the centre and see all cats before I commit?

To maintain both our customers and team’s safety we are working with minimum numbers on site. Currently we are working on an appointment only basis and this will be for customers that have reserved a cat to meet their new friend before taking them home.

How much is the adoption fee?

The adoption fee for cats is £90 and kittens under six-months of age is £110.