Financial Support for Neutering


Neutering is a basic responsibility for all cat owners.
Nationally and locally here in Angus, there are too many cats and not enough suitable homes. 1 unneutered cat creates 25000 offspring over 5 years.
Kittens are getting caught and having kittens themselves before their bodies are mature enough to cope, often resulting in the death or poor health of the mum-kitten and/or  litter-kittens.
MYTH: Cats do NOT need to have 1 litter before neutering
FACT: Cats can be neutered from 4 months old

Benefits of neutering

  • Both male and female cats will be less likely to contract disease spread by bites and sexual activity such as feline leukaemia (FELV), and FIV
  • A female can begin reproducing from approximately 5 months of age. It is a myth that having a litter before being spayed is beneficial to a cat
  • A male cat will be less likely to roam and less inclined to spray to mark his territory if neutered
  • Reduced vet bills from injuries caused by fighting and road traffic accidents when your cat isn't roaming to defend its territory or looking for a mate

The Montrose & Brechin branch will provide assistance for neutering via a voucher scheme where appropriate. Please discuss this with the homing officer during your home visit or call us on 0345 3712738