What we do

We are a small branch with three dedicated fosterers who each have 2 large double pens offering secure, heated accommodation with an outdoor run in each pen. The branch successfully rehomes around 40 cats each year.

The cats and kittens we take in are given up by their owners for various reasons or have been abandoned. We also have cats who come in after their owners have died or were taken into residential care and many requests for us to rehome cats come from people who are unable to look after cats after a change in their family circumstances.

We also have unplanned litters of kittens to look after, mostly during the summer months when cats are most likely to produce kittens.

Cats Protection has a policy that we never give up on a cat in our care. Older cats can be more difficult to rehome and can be in our care for quite some time, sometimes as long as six months. A cat can live to a ripe old age of 18 or 19 years so a cat of 6 or 7 is still what we would consider a young cat, with a long life ahead of it.

We promote the cats and kittens in through various mediums, usually posters in local vets and pet shops, in the local newspaper and on the internet including our website and Facebook page.

All cats are vaccinated, neutered, health checked by our local vet and microchipped before being offered for rehoming.

We offer Neutering Vouchers to assist with the cost of neutering. Cats Protection offers vouchers to the value of £20.00 towards the cost of a male castration and £26.00 towards the cost of a female neuter. Neutering has many health benefits for cats.

Please visit our Neutering page for more information.