Hello, nice to meet you
                                   We are the North Bristol team

Volunteer: Jo Guthrie                       Volunteer: Marian Grace                         Volunteer: Trish 
Role: Branch Coordinator                  Role: Account Treasurer                         Role:Secretary
My cats names: Freddie                    My cats names: Bella and Fizz                My cats names:     
About me:                                       About me: I was an accountant,             Wallis and Gromit  
                                                      but like my cats, I am now retired          About me: Hi, I'm Trish.         
                                                      and I spend my time lounging                 I have always loved cats,          
                                                       around, preferably in the sun.            and my working life has 
                                                                                                           involved organisational and
                                                                                                           administration skills.

Volunteer: Jade Cameron
Role: Website Editor
My cats name: Charlie
About me: I'm an animal
loving Aussie thats lived in
Bristol for 6 years. I love to
be creative and hanging out
with my hubby and my 2 fur 
babies Charlie and Ava.

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Cats Protection Reg Charity 203644 (England and Wales) SC037711 (Scotland)