Cats Protection supports the neutering of all cats and kittens in order to reduce the number of strays. Neutering is a surgical procedure which renders the cat incapable of breeding; female cats are spayed, male cats are castrated.



  • helps to reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens
  • makes cats safer, healthier and happier
  • means cats are less likely to wander, protect their territory or get into fights which can lead to catching diseases through bites

Cats can start having babies from around six months so both males and females should be neutered from the age of four months or as advised by your vet.

MYTH: Female cats do not need to have a litter first before being spayed.

FACT: Overfeeding makes cats fat, not neutering.

Neutering vouchers

Cats Protection neutering vouchers are now provided directly through certain vets rather than the volunteers at the Northampton branch of Cats Protection. They are means tested and, if eligible, you will be asked to pay £10. This will include neutering, painkillers if required and a microchip. Find a participating vet in Northamptonshire .