Feline Immunodeficiency Virus or FIV

All Cats Protection branches regularly take in FIV cats into care and do their best to rehome them as indoor cats. The FIV virus reduces a cat's immune system, and leaves it more vulnerable to other feline infections - in itself is not life threatening. 

CANNOT  be transmitted to humans or other animals

In our experience, FIV positive cats can have, and deserve to have, a long and healthy life. They need careful attention to their general health and protection through currently available vaccinations against flu and leukaemia are essential. But this is no more than any cat should receive.

A properly cared for FIV cat need not have a shortened life expectancy. Many FIV positive cats blossom in a loving home and enjoy a long life, far beyond that expected of them.

We will not euthanase a healthy FIV positive cat, but many FIV positive cats do end up in rescue and stay in rescue much longer waiting for a home. So please do think about adopting an FIV positive cat if you are looking for a indoor feline companion.

Please read Cats Protection leaflet on FIV for more information.