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Dear Supporters,

Thank you so much for your overwhelming support and enthusiasm for the Terracycle scheme this year, we have managed to recycle a phenomenal number of sachets this year and hope to continue to do so throughout 2020. Together we have raised nearly £100 and recycled nearly 10,000 pouches, that’s 10,000 pouches not in landfill, which is amazing! 

As we will soon be closing for Christmas (23rd – 29th December) *we will not* be able to take any more sachets for recycling from now until we reopen and *we will not* be accepting sachets whilst we are closed. *Please do not* post or drop off any sachets whilst we are closed, we have no facility for them to be stored before we come back - once we have returned we will resume recycling as normal. 

For those that are interested in starting to recycle your pet food packaging with us we can accept the following: plastic wet food pouches and plastic dry food bags. We cannot recycle: foil trays, tins, hard plastics, paper based food bags, non-pet food packaging (any human food packaging) most of the other types of pet foods (foil,tin,paper) can be recycled as part of your normal recycling but please check with your local council to be sure. Please ensure all plastic pet food packaging that you wish to recycle is completely clean and dry before bringing in/posting. 

From all the staff & cats at North London - we wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! 

Terracycle Pet Food Packaging Scheme Closing

01 November 2021

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us with the Terracycle pet food packaging recycling scheme. Since we joined the scheme in 2019, we've collected over 36,000 items of packaging and raised just over £300 for our centre by doing so. The scheme is now coming to an end, and regrettably this means we will no longer have a way of recycling your packaging. Our final boxes will be collected mid-November, so if you have any...

Covid Update

12 April 2021

With lockdown easing further today you may be wondering what will be happening here at the North London Adoption Centre. Whilst our doors are currently closed, we are very much still here and working hard behind the scenes! Since June 2020 we have been operating as an admissions-only centre with our cats then being transferred to our colleagues in the Mitcham and Harrow homing hubs. As of 12th April 2021 we’ve helped 566 cats through our new way of working. This is continuing for at ...

Thinking of getting a kitten? Use our Kitten Checklist for peace of mind

29 March 2020

Cats Protection has teamed up with cat and vet organisations to create a Kitten Checklist, designed to help potential owners to ensure they choose a happy and healthy kitten. Working with other organisations as part of The Cat Group, the checklist is an ideal guide for anyone buying a kitten – whether from a friend, neighbour or licensed seller. The checklist focuses on everything from signs of ill health in a ...

Terracycle update- pet food packaging recycling temporarily on hold

28 March 2020

Due to the developing situation with COVID-19 we are taking some extra precautions at this time to try to ensure that we keep our visitors and Centre safe. The North London Adoption Centre is currently closed, which means that we are unable to accept pet food packaging for recycling via Terracycle. Our packaging drop-off bin is not accessible. Please don’t drop items off outside the Centre as there will be no staff to...