What we do

Helping cats in OrkneyCats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. Our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

Cats Protection has simple and clear objectives to help cats:-

            Finding good homes for cats in need.
Orkney Islands Branch rehomes in the region of 200 abandoned, stray and unwanted cats and kittens every year!


Supporting and encouraging the neutering of domestic, farm and feral cats via our funding scheme (more details available on the FAQ page). We neuter in the region of 500 to 600 cats each year, many of which are on the outer islands here in Orkney with lots of logistical challenges. 
We run a free Trapping-Neutering-Return scheme for semi-feral / barn cats and kittens throughout the year. Our trapper volunteers call at a pre-arranged time, do the trapping and then transport the cats to the vet, where they, in addition to getting neutered, get vet checked and treated against fleas and worms.  Unless the land-owner has specifically requested for it not to be done the cats also get "ear-tipped" in the left ear, to mark the fact that they have been neutered by Cats Protection. This prevents the same cat being trapped and taken to the vet for neutering once more. Once the procedure is complete, the trappers bring the cats back to the same location where they were trapped where they are released.

Occasionally the land owner does not wish to keep the cats, or some of the cats, and we then try to arrange for a new outside / barn home for them. This can only be achieved if we have a new home lined up, as these cats do not take kindly to being shut in a foster cabin, or similar, for longer periods. If a home is available, once we have collected the cats from the vet, we bring the cats to the new home, advising their new owner to keep them inside the barn / outbuilding for 1-2 weeks.

If there are very young kittens needing re-homing, as long as they are under 8 weeks old (the age limit considered the upper limit for successful taming/socialisation) Cats Protection will get them vet checked, treated against fleas and worms and, if no health issues prevent it, vaccinated. Any illness will be treated and/or instructions issued for further treatment, which will be passed on to the fosterer who will be caring for the kittens. The kittens will then be taken to the volunteer fosterer who will care for them until ready to go to their new homes as pets.


Our Charity Shop:
Orkney Cats Protection Shop is situated in the town centre of Stromness. It is run purely by volunteers. There is a shop manager who leads the volunteers for each of the six days it is open each week from 10.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Saturday. There are approximately 28 volunteers in total working on average 2 hour shifts but some over the whole day.

Work in the shop covers serving customers and operating the till, sorting and pricing donated items and placing on display.   Donated clothing items may also need repairing,cleaning and steaming etc. before display and sale. The volunteers are a happy family group and we offer a welcoming experience to customers to enjoy a pleasant experience of shopping.

The Shop Manager also has responsibility for preparing volunteer work rotas and providing monthly accounting information returns to the local Co-ordinator. We also assist in preparing paperwork for the fosterers use.

We also provide help and information to cat owners - Funds raised stay in Orkney to help Orkney cats and their owners See also links:- "OICP Shop" and "Plea for More Volunteers".


Improving people’s understanding of cats and their care. Orkney Islands Branch offer advice and information via our helpline, website, newspaper and radio articles, support materials and public talks.