Farm/Feral Cats

Farm/feral cats have always been an issue for the branch.

Although we offer a 'TNR' (Trap, Neuter and Return) scheme where we loan out cat traps and then pay for all the vet bills for the cats to be blood tested, neutered, flea'd and wormed and any other medical treatment they require, we have to rely on the person whose property the cats are on to actually set the traps and then get the cats backwards and forwards to the vet.  
Often people just can't be bothered to do this and ring us saying 'just take them away' - to where we ask?  Feral cats find it much too stressful to be kept in foster pens and cant live in a house as domestic cats so therefore can't  be rehomed in our usual way.
The 'TNR' system is by far the best thing for the wellbeing of the feral.  It only needs one person to not be responsible for the welfare of their farm cats in the first instance by getting them neutered, that these problems are created.