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About Millie

Marvellous Millie is a very gentle loving lady, Millie was rescued as a stray cat from the side of a busy road, after being involved in a road traffic accident. Millie luckily only suffered a fractured jaw as a result of her misfortune (and probably lost one of her nine lives at the same time!). Millie’s jaw had to be wired by Cats Protection’s vets to allow it to heal and she was gradually nursed back to health again. Millie is a quiet little kitty that loves her comfy bed and is a dab hand at cat naps. Millie is on the lookout for a quiet new home where she can live out her twilight years in comfort with a family that love her just as much as all our cat care assistants and volunteers do!

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Cat Name

Pixie - 09 Oct 2019

Pixie was admitted to us because her owner passed away, a kindly neighbour took the cat in but unfortunately the landlord wouldn’t give her permission to keep her as she already has cats and dogs of her own. Pixie was heavily pregnant when she arrived into our care, she has since given birth to 3 adorable kittens called Paddy, Pascal and Paloma. Pixie is a very sweet natured cat, she is well socialised to people including children, other cats and dogs. She is a brilliant mum and loves caring for and showing off her kittens, she loves having fuss and attention. Feeding 3 kittens means that she has a healthy appetite, she enjoys eating dry and wet food, being groomed and having the occasional dreamie for a treat.

Cat Name

Luna - 19 Sep 2019

Lovely Luna found herself here because she wasn't getting along with the other cat in her house, Luna is not only beautiful but is a confident little lady, cattery life can sometimes get a little stressful for Luna and her care team give her some time in the enrichment room where she has space to play and run about, it also gives her time to have cuddles and attention without all the other distraction around her. Sandra one of our vets said this about enrichment rooms ‘The enrichment room is a room where individual cats can spend time during the day, instead of being in their pen. The room is used for cats that may be showing signs of frustration, boredom, stress or even for overweight cat to increase their activity levels and encourage play. ‘. Luna loves her toys but also likes to sit and watch the garden so we know she would enjoy a forever home where she can get out and investigate her own garden and snooze in the sunshine.

Cat Name

Mario - 18 Oct 2019

Marvellous Mario is a cheeky chap who is very active and fun but like to be the boss! Mario is a lively character whose behaviour can be challenging at times, he has a habit of nipping at ankles! He would still make a lovely companion for a patient and understanding owner, and he does love a fuss and is very affectionate. Mario really enjoys his puzzle feeders, and will spend time rubbing himself around you (but mind those ankle!) He doesn’t mind being picked up for short periods. Mario come into our care when his previous owners circumstances changed, he had access to the outside and spent much of his time outside hunting.

Cat Name

Benny - 09 Jul 2019

Beautiful Benny is such a sweet and friendly chap who is finding Adoption Centre life a bit scary and wants to hide.

Cat Name

Bella - 24 Oct 2019

Beautiful Bella is a lovely girl who is quiet and independent, Bella likes to take her time to get to know you, once Bella does she will come to you when she wants attention but she does like her own company. She is looking for a quiet home with no children or other pets & she mainly stays indoors but she does enjoy going out for an hour or so to explore and snooze in the sun, so she hopes her new forever home has access to a garden.

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