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Rachel was found abandoned and hungry, her fur was thin on her back when she was initially brought into the centre. Rachel has a lot of energy and would be suited to a quiet home where she is the only pet, She likes having her head stroked, but not too keen on her body being stroked. Due to Rachel's background, not much is known about her previous to arriving at the centre however the staff have found her to be an independent girl but lovely to have around. Rachel may need a little time to settle before she reaches her full potential with a new family.

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Cat Name

Waffles - 16 Jan 2020

Wonderful Waffles sadly this is her second visit to the centre after her first owner sadly passed away, and her second owner became to unwell to look after her anymore. Waffles is such a sweet lovely girl who can't wait to find her forever home where she can spend her golden years snoozing and watching the world go by. She may be older but she still has so much love left to give that special someone.

Cat Name

Harley - 14 Jan 2020

Homely Harley! is a lovely young lady looking for her forever home while being cared for in our Belfast adoption centre.Harley can be a little shy at first and can be a bit unpredictable, this is unfortunately Harley’s second stint with the Belfast Adoption Centre after her previous home didn’t work out. Harley has been in our care for 75 days now, Harley has Feline Lower Urinary Tract disease that is exacerbated by stress; so a relaxing home is exactly what the vet ordered! Her wonderful cat carers say she would suit a family without young children and a garden for her to explore and burn of some of her energy off and a lovely sunny spot to snooze in.

Cat Name

Dolly - 16 Jan 2020

Delightful Dolly came into our care when her owner was moving house and the landlord did not allow pets. Dolly is a very sweet cat but is shy in nature. She enjoys a fuss but can take time to get to know you. Dolly is looking for a quiet, experienced, adult only home with no other pets,willing to give her the time and patience and the happy ending to this story she deserves. Dolly needed dental treatment when she arrived which has now been completed. Dolly is long-haired so will need grooming to keep her coat in good condition. Even though quiet and very shy Dolly is bring much joy to her cat carers as she starts to trust them and show affection towards them.

Cat Name

Wren - 13 Jan 2020

Wonderful Wren found herself in our care after being a stray, she was cared for a member of the public who felt it was better for Wren if she found a forever home. Wren is spending time with a desensitizer in our care at the NCAC, and her tolerance levels are improving, but she is a cat who knows her own mind, and will let you know about anything she is unhappy with. She likes to sleep on your bed, she likes to sit on your lap, but she has to choose it and not be put there, all decisions have to be hers. She likes to be outside after getting used to being outside all the time, but if she can dash indoors she will and curl up. Anew life where she can have the best of both worlds will be ideal.

Cat Name

Leo - 22 Jan 2020

Lovely Leo is a quiet, easily contented cat who likes attention on his terms. He enjoys a scratch on the head or behind the ears & he likes playing with toys. Leo arrived in our care as he wasn’t getting along with the other cat in his house, he can be spooked by loud noises so he is looking for a quiet home with no young children & no other pets as he doesn’t like other cats or dogs. Leo is used to going outside so he needs direct access to a garden, where he could investigate, play and snooze in the sunshine.

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