What we do

Fostering - cats are kept in roomy, comfortable pens or in a spare room, and kittens looked after in fosterers' homes - all equipment is provided by the Branch, and strict cat care standards are adhered to. Full training and support are given to all fosterers.

Microchipping - we have 3 qualified microchippers in the Branch, and all adult cats are chipped for their safety before going to their new homes.

Rehoming - we carry out home visits every time for cats in our care, and also assist to rehome cats who have to leave their home due to relocation, allergies etc.

Neutering - we have vouchers to help people who cannot afford to have their cat neutered, to neuter stray cats, and to carry out neutering programmes for colonies of feral cats.

Fundraising - we get a grant from the National Cat Centre, but still need to raise more money for our work. Our events are very enjoyable, and also serve to raise our image, and often result in rehoming cats and kittens.
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We are also available to offer advice to cat owners, and have access to Cats Protection's vets and animal behaviourists for further information.