All of the work we do at Stonehaven Cats Protection is carried out by unpaid volunteers, many of whom have full time jobs, and others who have family commitments. Our branch would not be able to function without the help from our volunteers who all carry out valuable work.

All CP branches are self-funding, apart from a discretionary grant from HQ each year. We are responsible for raising funds that are required to enable us to carry out our work. While we have many willing volunteers, we are in need of more. Although working as a volunteer is unpaid, you have the enjoyment of working with the cats we have in our care.
At the moment we are desperately in need of volunteers in the following areas:

Fostering a Cat
Cats Protection provides all litter, food, equipment and pays for any cat or kittens in our care.  The Group can provide an outside ‘Cat Palace’ which measures approx. 1m x 3m x 1m.  The unit has a house and run for the cat and the Group covers the cost of laying a base and installing electric for heating and light.  Kittens can be fostered in the home, within a supplied kitten pen.  Some fosterers prefer to foster cats in their home but the CP cat must be kept separate from the fosterer’s own cat.

Fostering K
ittens Same as fostering a cat but this can be from 1 - 6 kittens.

Foster Relief Provide cover for a fosterer when they are on holiday, unwell or temporarily unable to tend to their foster cat.

Hand Rearing Kittens Orphaned kittens often need our help from as young as a few days to 6/7 weeks.  This is a very time consuming and demanding job and is generally carried out by experienced fosterers.

Trapping Cats
Usually for the not so friendly cats that need treatment or to come into our care.  Equipment is supplied and is often a short notice call to gather trappers together to attend to colonies of cats.

Transporting Cats Again a short notice call to help transport cats to vets, between fosterers or to new homes.
Home Visiting All new homes are visited to ensure that we are matching the right cat to the right home.  Training will be given.

Answering the Phones
We often need people to take a turn at receiving calls on our behalf and then pass the information/queries to the appropriate person within the group.

Collection Boxes
We can provide boxes for people to take to work to encourage donations.  Swear boxes are popular.

Collect / donate / store bric-a-brac Again we are known for good and clean bric-a-brac.  We cannot sell electrical goods.  We sell books, household items, ornaments, pictures etc.  Have you space to store items?

Fund Raising
Do you have the ‘gift’ to devise fund raising ideas and see them through to

Helping at fund raising events Sales are our mainstay and we need a team prepared to help transport goods, bric-a-brac etc. to and from our sales.  Many choose to stay and man tables, assisting in selling and packing up at the end.  These sales are held in Stonehaven on a Saturday approximately every 5/6 weeks.

Make craft items for sales We are lucky to have some ‘crafty’ folk but are always looking for more ideas and goods to sell to boost the takings, from covered coat hangers to bird boxes to trinket boxes, all add to the variety of choice. 


Re-homing Team Leader Volunteer

At Cats Protection we will continue to find new homes for cats and kittens in need until our work around information, education and neutering reduces the long-term need for homing. Life in a rescue environment is never ideal for any cat compared to a loving home. Our rehoming team leaders support a team of volunteer home visitors who collectively play an important part in matching our feline friends with their new families.

Closing date: 18 Jul 2019
Fundraising volunteer

As a charity we rely on funds donated by generous members of the public to continue to help cats and kittens in need. Our fundraising volunteers are part of a passionate team that help raise funds to help our feline friends in need. They help plan and deliver exciting and varied fundraising events, which can be anything from craft fairs, cake sales, sponsored abseils – and anything in between!

Closing date: 18 Jul 2019
Treasurer Volunteer

At Cats Protection we help thousands of cats each year thanks to our dedicated and passionate volunteer groups and teams, all of which help our feline friends in a different ways. They take in stray and abandoned cats and ensure they receive the veterinary care and attention they deserve, help raise funds, promote neutering and help spread cat welfare messages. Our volunteer treasurers maintain the finances of local groups and teams, ensuring they hold the funds needed to continue their vital work. Cats Protection relies solely on donations from generous members of the public, and our volunteer treasurers help make sure these funds are spent in the most effective way.  

Closing date: 18 Jul 2019
Fosterer Volunteer

Across the UK many of our feline friends are cared for by volunteer fosterers who provide a stable, safe and loving environment in their homes or in purpose built pens in their gardens. They provide vital hands on care and accommodation to stray, abandoned cats or cats whose owners could sadly no longer keep them, and are part of a dedicated team of volunteers committed to finding new homes for cats in need. Most of our fosterers care for one or two cats at a time and enjoy providing lots of TLC to those cats which have been pre-loved or have had a difficult start in life. Some of our fosterers look after new mums and kittens and provide round the clock care to new-borns with tummies to fill and lots to learn. No matter what type of cats they have in care our fosterers provide the best start to the next stage of their lives. 

Closing date: 18 Jul 2019