What we do

We also seek to alleviate the problem of unwanted cats, by offering information and advice about responsible cat ownership and promoting the benefits of neutering.

We are a strong, united charity with simple and clear objectives:

  • By finding good homes for cats in need 
  • By supporting and encouraging the neutering of cats
  • By improving people's understanding of cats and their care

For information on cat care follow this link to our main site www.cats.org.uk

As all other branches, Stonehaven branch relies on a dedicated team of volunteers who give their time (whether it is for two hours at the weekend or everyday) to:

  • Re home cats and kittens. We re home around 20 cats and kittens into loving new homes every year. Cats stay with us until we find them a loving home – no matter how long it takes.
  • Foster cats and kittens in their own homes - We also have 3 foster pens. This may seem like plenty, but it does not matter how many pens you have, you always need more space!!  We don't have a centre, but rely on the kindness and hard work of our fosterers, who look after the cats in specially designed pen on their own property.  
  • Neuter feral cats.  We also feed feral cats on a regular basis.

Also, we can help people, on low income, with the cost of neutering their cats.
We recommend that all cats and kittens should be neutered, and in this area this can usually be done around five months of age. Anyone who might benefit from assistance to have their cat neutered please do call our main contact number to request assistance.  Tel. 0345 6470 489

We have an extensive range of leaflets about cats, cat care and cat ailments, so if you have worries about your cat, or need advice about its care we may be able to help in this way.  Tel. 0345 6470 489 - if you do not recieve a reply please leave a message.

One of Cats Protection’s key aims is to educate people about cats and their care.

We believe that helping people to learn will ultimately contribute to achieving our vision of a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

Cats Protection offers free talks to all groups that cover a range of different topics. Talks can be delivered to all ages and groups - 3 to 18 year-old students, Girl Guides, Scouts and community groups. We also offer talks to adults and special interest groups.

We aim for talks to be fun, informative and customised to suit your group or curriculum requirements. We also offer visits to our adoption centres across the UK (where available).

We supply free goody bags and other resources to all groups. Make sure to book your workshop today! 07785 692816