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Fancy fundraising for cats in your own unique way? We’ve got you covered – from brainstorming ideas to organising your event and collecting your hard-earned donations. We’ll give you all the support and advice you need to make your fundraising journey a success.

It’s thanks to generous cat lovers like you that we can make sure every cat has their best possible life. Thank you.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to organising your own fundraising event. We’ll be right there with you so that your efforts make a real difference in the lives of our feline friends. Let’s get started!

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Step 1: Choose your activity and register your event with us

So, you’ve decided to embark on a fundraising journey for cats and kittens – you’re a superstar! The first step is to choose an activity that will not only be fun but also help raise vital funds for our moggy pals. 

When it comes to picking the perfect activity, the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, a creative cat lover, or simply enjoy a good old-fashioned get-together, there’s an activity for you. And by doing something you love, you’ll inspire others to join you on this incredible journey.

If you need a bit of inspiration, check out our DIY fundraising ideas.

When considering ideas, don’t forget to think about details like:

  • how much you might be able to raise
  • how much it might cost to organise
  • where you could host it
  • resources and helping hands you might need

Once you’ve settled on your activity, it’s time to set a date. Pick a day that works best for you and consider any potential clashes with holidays or other events.

Then sign up for a free fundraising pack and register your event with us – it only takes a few minutes. By doing so, you’ll receive a pack full of helpful tips and advice to ensure your fundraising event is a success. 

You’ll also get regular emails inspiring you with ways to reach your fundraising target. Plus one-on-one support from our friendly team to help with any questions along the way.

Step 2: Get your resources and set up a fundraising page

When you've registered, we can provide you with some materials to promote your event, from downloadable poster templates to collection boxes and paper bunting, we've got you covered! You can also order items you might need on the day, like collection boxes, tablecloths, bunting and cake flags.

Make it simple for friends, family and colleagues to support you by setting up a JustGiving page online. It’s quick and easy to do – just follow our step-by-step instructions. We recommend you set a high but achievable fundraising target. Setting a target is not only great for motivating yourself, but it’s also brilliant for encouraging people to donate. 

You can personalise your page with videos, photos and a message to make it even more engaging for potential donors. You can also go live and stream your event to social media. People love to know the impact of their giving, so tell them exactly how their money will help. For example, a £5 donation could supply 10 days’ worth of specialist milk to hand-feed an orphaned kitten. And £10 could pay for bedding and a safe place to sleep for a traumatised cat or kitten.

Step 3: Plan your event

You’ve chosen your fundraising activity, set a date, started promoting it, and the donations have started rolling in. Now it’s time to organise the event. This step is all about securing a venue and considering the logistics to ensure everything runs smoothly on the big day.

Think about the type of event you’re planning and look for a venue that has everything you need. It could be a local community hall, a school gym, or a park if you’re organising an outdoor event. Make sure the venue is easily accessible for attendees and has enough space to accommodate everyone comfortably.

You’ll need to make sure your event is safe, legal and you have permission if it’s in a public place. There are laws around running raffles and collecting donations in public. You’ll also need to consider insurance and any licences you might need. Don’t worry if this sounds daunting – we can help and give you planning documents and risk assessments if needed.

Consider what supplies you’ll need, such as tables, chairs and decorations. If you’re hosting a bake sale or a craft fair, you might also need power outlets or tables for participants to display their products. To keep costs low, see how much you can get donated by friends, family and local businesses.

Don’t forget about safety considerations as well. If you’re expecting lots of people, make sure you have a plan for any first aid needs and know what to do if there's an emergency. And if your event involves food, you must follow any necessary health and safety regulations.

Even a virtual fundraising event will need preparation. You might need to create graphics, sign up to digital tools, test them and check whether people need special permissions on the day.

Organising a fundraising event can be a lot of work, so don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family.

Step 4: Promote your event

The key to the success of any fundraising is promotion. The more people who attend and help, the more you will raise and the more fun you will all have!

Use the templates in our fundraising pack to create posters, flyers, social media graphics and more to advertise your fundraiser. You can put them up around work, school, local community centres, newsagents and coffee shops (make sure you get permission first).

Spread the word on social media and link to your JustGiving page so people can support you. You could also create a Facebook event and invite your friends. Remind people why you’re doing this fundraiser and why moggies and Cats Protection are so important to you.

Write regular updates on your JustGiving page. Tell your supporters how close you are to hitting your target. Letting them know they are helping you get ever closer to your goal may encourage them to give just a little bit more!

On the big day, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself! If you have a great time, so will everyone else.

Invite more people than you expect to come – both helpers and people you’d like to support you. Your fundraising pack has handy packing lists, rota templates and resources checklists to help you stay on top of everything.

Step 5: Tell us how it went and say thank you

Well done – you did it! After your fundraising event, tell everyone how it went – including us at Do let us know if you nominated your local branch or centre. We would love to hear about the impact you have made.

It’s really important to thank everyone who sponsored and supported you on the day. Remember to update your JustGiving and social media profiles.

There are several ways to pay in the funds you’ve raised, which are all covered in our free fundraising pack

Thank you so much – your fundraising helps to make the world a better place for cats.

Our Fundraising team is here to help you with any fundraising you’re thinking of doing to support Cats Protection. Feel free to call us on 01825 741 980 or email

Every year, thousands of people fundraise for Cats Protection. 

Now it’s your turn. There are millions of cats in the UK, and although we’re doing a great job, we’re only reaching a fraction of them. We need your support – what will you do?

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