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We've partnered with specialists for our will-writing offer giving you the chance to write or amend your will for free

Writing a will is the only way to ensure your final wishes for your estate are fulfilled. It is a last chance to remember people and causes you cared about in life. A clearly written will also avoids unnecessary confusion and stress for loved ones at an already difficult time. That's why Cats Protection will cover the cost of writing or amending a simple single or mirror will.

We’ve partnered with specialists National Free Wills Network to create our free will-writing offer, so you can write or amend a simple will for free. You could have an expertly written will at no cost to you. You are under no obligation to include Cats Protection in your will. However, once you have provided for those closest to you we hope you will take the opportunity to consider helping cats in this special way.

National Free Wills Network

The National Free Wills Network offers access to over 800 solicitors across the UK. They send a list of participating solicitors in your area for you to choose your preferred specialist from. Arrange an appointment and they handle everything else. For your pack with a list of local solicitors, click below.

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Mandy's experience

'We recently completed the Cats Protection free wills writing offer, and are really pleased at such a fast and professional service – thank you.''

How gifts in wills help

From filling tummies with food and funding vital care, to helping build new centres, gifts in wills are at the heart of everything we do for unwanted cats and kittens.

These special gifts, large and small, fill cats’ lives with love and care each day and help to give thousands of cats a brighter future every year. In fact, the gifts people kindly leave in their wills fund almost half of all the help we give to cats.

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