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Charitable trusts and foundations make a real difference to our work. Find out how our supporters have helped us and how you can get involved

While some have supported our work in general, others have provided funds towards specific projects – from refurbishment of local rehoming centres, to helping implement neutering schemes in localised areas.

Below are just a couple of examples of how generous benefactors have supported Cats Protection, and how you can get involved.

Petplan Charitable Trust funding for Paws Protect domestic abuse service

Petplan Charitable Trust is the charitable arm of Petplan Insurance and has been a regular supporter of Cats Protection branches in recent years. The Trust has now generously funded our Paws Protect cat fostering service which supports cats and owners through domestic abuse. For many victims, leaving violent relationships is made impossible as they cannot bear to lose their pets or put them at risk. Very few local authorities provide facilities for boarding pets and most domestic abuse refugees are unable to accept cats.

Paws Protect is a free volunteer-led fostering service, where cats are cared for until owners have escaped their violent relationship and resettled away from their abuser. Currently covering London and eight Counties, Paws Protect has helped over 470 cats and 265 families since the service was established. All these areas have no other cat fostering services available.

All information concerning clients and foster carers is confidential. Clients will not know the identity of the fosterer or location of their cat during the placement, although they will receive regular updates on their cat from Cats Protection.

The grant will help the service to remove the barriers that families face when trying to flee domestic abuse. And with proven evidence that animal abuse can be a precursor to domestic abuse, a need for a service that helps both animals and people is essential.

Rose Abram is the Paws Protect Co-ordinator and says “At Paws Protect we are so grateful for the funding received from the Petplan Charitable Trust for Paws Protect, our cat fostering service for people fleeing domestic abuse. It means we will be able to help more families out of abusive situations by fostering their cats while they flee to safety, giving them the peace of mind that their beloved pets are safe so they can be too. The funding will enable us to make a real difference to people’s lives.”

A new isolation unit at Cats Protection’s oldest adoption centre in Haslemere, Surrey

One of our long-term supporters has helped on a number of occasions with the cost of building, refurbishing and equipping our adoption centres. In 2015, they gave us a grant towards the cost of a new isolation unit at Haslemere Adoption Centre, in Surrey, Cats Protection’s oldest centre.

The purpose-built isolation unit consists of three pens and a kitchen for food preparation and washing. This enables us to look after the cats in our care that have infectious diseases, without the risk of spreading to other cats at the centre.

In 2016, the same supporter awarded us a grant to pay for a washing machine and tumble dryer for the isolation unit. Separate washing facilities are necessary to prevent cross-contamination. With the right equipment in place and the highest standards of welfare, we now have the best possible environment to aid poorly cats on their recovery.

We were delighted to keep this supporter informed of progress of the project with photos and updates during the building work. They had an opportunity to visit the adoption centre again once it reopened; and we have been able to acknowledge their contribution by displaying a plaque to commemorate their wonderful support.

The Hatcher Animal Welfare Trust has generously funded our Paws to Listen service

Paws to Listen supports those who may be faced with a difficult decision regarding their cat’s quality of life, who may recently be bereaved, or whose cat is missing or has been reluctantly rehomed.

For many cat owners, their cat is more than a pet. Their cat is a constant companion, a reason to get up in the morning and a much loved family member. Whatever the circumstances surrounding a loss, grieving is a distressing but natural part of the process. That’s why Cats Protection provides a free phone helpline, Paws to Listen. Our Paws to Listen volunteers are here to listen in a non-judgmental manner, and they understand that every loss is deeply personal and meaningful. Grief can often bring up other issues – so volunteers have a comprehensive list of organisations they will signpost callers to when appropriate.

With an estimated 11.1 million pet cats in the UK, Paws to Listen provides compassionate support for many people who may have no one else to turn to. Pet loss is often referred to as a ‘disenfranchised loss’, meaning it isn't always seen as a significant loss and is at times not even recognised in society to be a bereavement. Since Paws to Listen was established in 2016, we have helped many cat owners across the UK to come to terms with their feelings, feel truly understood in their grief, and provided with practical information when appropriate.

We are most grateful to the Hatcher Animal Welfare Trust for supporting this important service.

Support for a branch tackling overpopulation in their local area

One particular charitable trust, with a focus on improving animal welfare in the UK, has assisted one of Cats Protection’s volunteer-led branches. The trust has issued a grant for three consecutive years to help the branch tackle overpopulation of cats in their local area.

This support has enabled the branch to run subsidised neutering schemes in the area over a period of time, resulting in more than 400 cats being neutered.

Not only has this helped to prevent further possible abandoned cats and kittens, but it has also ensured these cats lead better, heathier lives. Neutering is the single most effective thing we can do to improve cat welfare and remains one of Cats Protection’s key aims.

This dedicated group of volunteers have found that promoting the neutering message is an ongoing challenge, especially in areas where people face financial hardship. Thanks to the generous help of the trust, this branch has been able to assist hundreds of cat owners who would otherwise have struggled to pay the full cost. The grant also helped pay for the neutering of feral cats, who were trapped, neutered and returned to their colonies.

It is important to keep our supporters informed about how their generosity has helped us improve the lives of cats. In this instance we have provided the donors with a report each year, showing how their donation has been spent wisely and effectively.

The volunteers at the branch are hugely grateful for this trust’s support, without which they simply couldn’t have neutered as many cats.

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