Setting up for you new cat

Preparation is everything…..

Before bringing your cat home start thinking about the needs of your cat and preparing for his arrival long before you bring him home, this will help to ensure a positive experience for you both from the outset. Territory is vital to cats, so set aside a dedicated, secure room. You will need:-

  • An area for food and water

  • Toys and space to play

  • Scratching post

  • Litter tray – at least one placed in a private location far away from his food and water

  • Choice of suitable places to sleep

  • Somewhere to hide – an upturned cardboard box with a hole in the side, an enclosedigloo bed or simply a space under a bed

  • Somewhere to observe everything from – cats feel more relaxed if they can look out or down from a height, so make use of a chest of drawers or shelves


Scent – Cats rely heavily on their sense of smell and will settle more quickly if their new home smells familiar. Leaving an item of clothing or a blanket from your home with your cat before collecting him will help him get used to your scent, by the time you collect him the items will have a mixture of his and your scent. Place items in a sealed plastic bag to transport them home and keep well away from any other pets.


Feliway – This product can be very effective in settling cats into their new home by helping to create a reassuring environment and reduce stress. Cats naturally rub their faces against objects in the home leaving behind their own facial scent (pheromones). Feliway works by mimicking the cats facial pheromones, creating a state of well-being and calm, it is available as a plug-in diffuser or spray. Feliway can be purchased from Veterinary clinic, pet shops or online.


Food – At the centre we feed predominantly Felix pouches and Proplan biscuits. For continuity and to aid the settling in process it is advisable to keep your cat on the same food initially, please ask whether your new cat has any specific preferences. A sudden change of diet may cause your cat to have some diarrhoea or sickness. You may find your cat doesn`t eat for the first couple of days this is perfectly normal.


Litter – Cats/kittens at the centre have been used to toileting on wood base cat litter pellets, we strongly recommend you continue this type of litter for continuity and to avoid any inappropriate toileting. Cats are fastidious about their toileting habits and often do not like a sudden change of litter. You will be advised on reservation if your new cat uses a different litter.


Please note: Once your cat is settled if you do choose to make changes to food or litter these should be introduced very gradually over a period of time.


Transporting your cat – To transport your new cat or kitten home you will need a secure pet carrier designed for purpose not a cardboard box. We sell new and second hand carriers at the centre.