Consider your pet's future

Have you made provision for your pets in case you are hospitalised, die or have to go into care? 

It may be that family, friends or neighbours would be willing to care for your pets if you are taken ill. If none of these are an option, there are organisations who can help you. 

We urge you to pre-register your cat before you find yourself in this situation, to avoid undue worry later. 

The Cinnamon Trust is a charity whose volunteers help the elderly look after their pets. They will help to keep you together by fostering your pet should you go into hospital, walking your dog, or fetching cat food. They also care for pets when their owners die. Their sanctuaries provide a restful environment for older pets. The Cinnamon Trust can also provide information about which care homes are able to take residents with their pets. Here is a link to their website: 

The Blue Cross have a Pets into Care scheme, which is free to anyone living in England, Scotland or Wales. There is usually a limit of 4 dogs, cats or small animals. They are not able to assist with exotic species or fish. In the event of your death, the registered animals would be taken into care until they could be found a new home. The Blue Cross do not put healthy animals to sleep. For more information or to register your pets, see:

The RSPCA runs a Home for Life scheme. They will take on most pet breeds. Animals will be taken to the nearest RSPCA shelter and assessed for the purpose of finding them a new home.

Cats Protection can look after your cat in the event of your death. We can also provide Emergency Cat Care Cards for pet owners to carry. These alert emergency services that you have a pet that will need to be taken care of should you be taken ill. They are included in our legacy pack, which can be requested via this link: 

The Dogs Trust have a Canine Care Card. See this website for more information: