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Can you tell if your cats are friends or foes?

18 September 2016
Can you tell if your cats are friends or foes? Do your cats share a favourite armchair, or playfully chase each other? Perhaps they sleep together cuddled up, or live in seperate areas of the house to avoid contact? If you've got more than one cat in your home, it can often be difficult to determine whether they are feline friends or moggies at war.

Cat behaviour signs are subtle and it can be easy to misread signals that your cats simply aren't getting on at all. Likewise, some behaviour can appear that your cats are tolerating each other - when they're actually the best of buddies. Our 'Friend or Foe' animation gives tips on how to spot whether your cats are really getting along. You can watch the video here.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an expert, why not click here to take the quiz? Created by Ceva, makers of Feliway diffusers, it tests your catty powers of observation and gives you a score at the end.

We recommend introducing unfamiliar cats to each other very slowly, so that they have enough time to peacefully integrate with each other.

If you already have cats that live together, or are thinking of getting two cats or more, take a look at our free e-leaflet on Cats living together for more information. Click here to download.