Feral cats and kittens

The Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programme involves humanely trapping the outdoor cats (usually feral), having them spayed or snipped and returning them to their outdoor homes. This means that these cats will not be able to produce any more kittens; there will be fewer cats in your community and they can go on to enjoy a healthier, happy life.

**This TNR programme will be paid for by Cats Protection**

For the project to happen, we need your cooperation and help with some information.

Ask yourself:

1. Are you feeding any outdoor cats?

2. Are you worried about any of these outdoor cats?

If you've answers 'Yes' to either of these then we would like to hear from you as soon as possible.

It is important that all cats are neutered, not just outdoor cats. Pets that are allowed outdoors are at risk so should be spayed or snipped to prevent any unwanted kittens or the spreading of diseases. If you feel that the cost is simply too much then Cats Protection may be able to help.

More information can be found about feral cats and kittens HERE