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Keeping your cat safe on Bonfire night

05 November 2016
Keeping your cat safe on Bonfire night With Bonfire events happening across the country, many people will be celebrating with fireworks displays. For cat owners, the incessant whizz and bang of fireworks can often be worrying – not least because their cats are often left feeling stressed out or confused. To help keep your cat safe and calm during fireworks season, we’ve created an advice guide with some top tips on reducing stress.

  • Keep your cat inside after dark and fasten all doors and windows.

  • Keep the curtains drawn to reduce outside noise.

  • Provide places for your cat to hide – it allows them to feel safe. This can be something as simple as a cardboard box, a space under the bed or even a cosy handmade cat bed. Find out how to make our cosy cat bed in our video

    To find out more about keeping your cat safe, take a look at our essential guide online.