Pips Story

11 November 2015

Pips Story Cats Protection branches often have to make very difficult decisions but we believe every cat deserves a chance no matter what the cost , alas this leaves us very short of funds and having to beg for help. When faced with this kitten with jaw fused to her skull and unable to eat we felt we had to do the very best for her and we had to act fast but we can only do this with support of the public, please consider donating to Pips appeal and please share far and wide to raise...

Chesters Christmas Appeal

25 November 2014

This is how most of you will know me as the kitten yobs tried to drown in oil, but this is me now. Thanks to my local Cats Protection Branch I was rescued and made a full recovery and am now a happy healthy cat. Sadly in the 15mths since I was rescued things have got worse for the many feral and stray cats out there, just this week this little one was inches away from death suffering starvation and dehydration, but luckily Cats Protection volunteers were able to step in and help, he ...

2 Years In The Life Of A Cats Protection Fosterer

06 September 2013

2 Years In The Life Of A Cats Protection Fosterer I started fostering for Wear Valley and Darlington Cats Protection almost two years ago and had not realised until then the sheer magnitude of the problems cats faced every day of their lives, and the sheer number of calls and emergencies Cats Protection have to deal with on a day to day basis. It opened my eyes to the attitudes of a lot of people towards not only cats, but all animals, and showed me that ...