Facts about Wear Valley & Darlington Branch

Our small band of volunteers are pushed to the limits. We do our very best to help as many cats and kittens as we can, it upsets us greatly that there are more and more needing help and that there are so many irresponsible owners who assume/expect a charity to sort out their over population problem so please Neuter your Cat! 
We don't have a re homing Centre, all cats/kittens are cared for by Volunteers.

We have to raise funds to cover the cost of helping all our cats and kittens. Vet Bills are high and funds are always low.
We have a branch van as its needed to transport cats/kittens, food, litter and sundries, its distinctive in the CP logo and is used by our Volunteers, sometimes people assume because we are in a branded van that we are paid staff this isn't the case.
Many of our volunteers also use their own vehicles.
Volunteers give their time absolutely free to help the many cats and kittens that need us, it often means their home life and privacy is disrupted so please understand and respect this.
We help with feral colonies but need your help too so please always when contacting us understand we need a brief run down re the situation ie how many cats and if any are kittens and who if anyone on site is willing to trap and  transport to vets also if cats are on a private property are you the owner and if so are you prepared to help pay anything toward neutering even a token amount ?. Once we have these details we will be able to assess help we can offer. 
Last year our branch helped over 300 cats in the area to better futures and hundreds more were neutered with vouchers towards the cost provided by us, it is only with the help of our volunteers and the public  we are able to do this as all funds are raised locally and spent locally.
“When you adopt a cat from us you are not only giving that cat a second chance in life, you are also enabling us to help even more cats in the future. As we would never put a healthy cat to sleep, we rely on finding new homes for all the cats in our care so we can make space for the many others waiting to come in.”