The Need to Neuter Your Cat

The Scratching Post is another local cat charity in Hertfordshire and they put this information on Face Book recently:
Homing is slow (as it always is during the summer) and for every cat/kitten rehomed via a charity, another ten are given away or sold via friends/family/ shop ads and internet selling sites! (and many of these then end up in shelters as they are not wanted after the novelty wears off!)

We are reaching a crisis point, with calls coming in from people desperate for help with strays or cats they cannot keep. We have rehomed one cat this week and taken in four that just doesn't balance our books!

If you know ANYONE, friend/neighbour/work colleague that has an UN-NEUTERED cat it is VITAL they get it done asap. We cannot have anymore unwanted kittens born into a country that doesn't have space for them. Several cats and kittens are being put to sleep every day as there is no space for them in shelters and many others are dying on the streets through lack of food, infections, etc. Something has gone wrong somewhere and we need to try and put things right somehow.

The Scratching Post is doing everything it can to keep it's head above the water, but we are having to turn away some very desperate cats/kittens due to lack of space (let alone funds). If you have any space in your home for a cat or two PLEASE consider a poor cat waiting in a shelter through no fault of it's own. This situation is the same with every animal charity and our branch reflects all of their issues and concerns. However, Cats Protection will NEVER put a healthy cat or kitten to sleep, or indeed, one that is unwell but has a fighting chance of survival. Please, please neuter your cats and kittens before it is too late.