Please don’t breed or buy... while stray and abandoned kittens die!

The Welwyn Hatfield District Branch of Cats Protection is urging owners to have their cats neutered and not to allow them to breed.

An unneutered cat can be responsible for 20,000 descendants in five years.  This is fact!  

Unplanned litters are being abandoned daily as their owners are unable to find homes for them, even if they are ‘giving them away’. One cat being neutered can save many unwanted little lives.

If you know of anyone who has an unneutered cat then please give them our details; we offer free and assisted neutering. 

The recession has triply hit rescue centres throughout the country which are already packed full of unwanted cats and kittens: financial uncertainty means few good homes are available as people are reluctant to take on the additional responsibility of animals; cat owners are still not neutering their cats for financial reasons; but, worst of all, some hard-up owners are also breeding cats to try and make a fast buck to make ends meet.

The economics just do not stack up - caring for a pregnant cat and then her kittens properly, including  good food, vet checks, appropriate flea and worm treatments and finally vaccinations, will cost far more than owners can ever hope to get back from selling them, assuming they can even be sold in the current economic climate. There will inevitably be at least one poor little black, or black and white kitten in every litter which cannot be sold! The sad fact is corners are often cut and kittens bred in this way often just don’t receive the essential basic care they need to set them for up for life and the mother cat’s health is seriously compromised by having litter after litter, not to mention the increased risk of being exposed to serious diseases such as FIV and FeLV, spread by mating and fighting.

Time after time we hear people say, “Well we have homes for all of our kittens”. Sadly there are not enough homes to go around.  Whilst at Cats Protection we never put a healthy cat to sleep, for every cat and kitten in care there will be many more that cannot come in until space is available. Once rescue centres are full, places can only be made by homing the cats and kittens we already have in care.

Buyers must also assume some responsibility.  Buying kittens from unscrupulous individuals will encourage them to continue breeding and exacerbate the problem. You may think you are a cat lover by buying a kitten but you are contributing to a problem that causes suffering for countless other cats.  Moreover, do you know what you are getting? Has the kitten been health-checked, de-flea’d, wormed and properly socialised, or are you setting yourself up for a problem?

Please don’t add to the unwanted kitten problem –neutering is the only effective solution.
Financial assistance is available in the form of vouchers via Cats Protection should you be unable to afford the full cost of neutering.  

Please call our helpline on 0345 371 1855, or E-Mail Us

C4 Neutering Scheme

TheLondon Cat Care & Control Consortium (C4) is an initiative funded by seven charities (including Cats Protection) which offers free neutering within the M25 area for owners on low incomes, those receiving state benefits, students and for those feeding strays for more than 14 days. There are four vets in this area operating this scheme.

All you need to do is call and make an appointment, saying you wish for it to be done under the C4 scheme

The vets you can contact are:

Peartree Lane Vets, 41 Peartree Lane, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 3UA
01707 336919

Bishops Vets, 10 Bishops Rise, Hatfield, AL10 9HB
01707 272772

Village Vets, 8 Manor Parade, Hatfield, AL10 9JS
01707 274828