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Adopt a cat

*We are currently still closed and hope to re-open soon. No cats or kittens in our care at the moment.*

We always need homes for our cats but the cats come first so please read the following and keep them in mind.

  • A home visit is required before any cat or kitten is homed.
  • If you are outside our area please contact your local branch for a home visit first.
  • Our cats need direct access to the outdoors i.e through front/back door or catflap into a garden, not into a public stairway or through a window.
  • We will not rehome an outdoor cat near or on a busy road.
  • All of our cats/kittens are rehomed as outdoor cats unless they are lifelong indoor cats or have certain medical conditions (blind, deaf, FIV etc.)
  • We must meet the potential owner of the cat, we do not rehome cats as any kind of surprise present.
  • After adopting, if you are no longer able to take care of the cat the cat must be returned to our care.

I’m a forever cat

I'm a 'forever' cat, not an 'until' cat.
I’m not an ‘until you get bored with me’ cat.
I’m not an ‘until you get a kitten’ cat.
I’m not an ‘until you have a baby’ cat.
I’m not an ‘until you have to move’ cat.
I’m not an ‘until you have no time’ cat.
I’m not an ‘until I get old’ cat.
I’m a ‘forever’ cat.
If you can’t give me ‘forever’, then I’m not your cat.

Before adopting, please remember that cats are not cheap, that you will have a responsibility to care for them, and that they can live well into their 20s.

Cats Protection ask for an adoption fee  of £80 per cat or kitten and £110 per pair. This enables us pay for our cats to be neutered, microchipped, checked by a vet, vaccinated and given flea & worm treatment.

All our cats are neutered prior to rehoming and we also provide neutering vouchers where possible.
If we do not have many cats advertised please check back as we always have cats waiting to come in to find forever homes.

There are currently no cats available here.