Lost and Found

If you have lost or found a cat then please contact our Facebook page and post a photograph with your details.
You will also find information and advice as to what to do if you have lost your cat.

Some advice if you have lost your cat;
Send a photograph to our facebook page.
Contact your local vets to ask if he/she has been handed in.
Search some websites dedicated to lost and found cats eg Lost Cats Scotland.
Ask your local shops/supermarket if you can put a photograph of your cat in their window.
Ask all your neighbours to keep a look out in their sheds and garages. (Streetlife lets you talk to other people in your area and has a catagory for lost pets)
Check the charity homing sites to see if your cat is up for homing. (cats will be kept by ourselves for three weeks before being advertised for homing.)
Contact your local council to ask if they have recently picked up a cat from the roadside in your area.

Some advice if you think that you have found a stray cat.
Don`t be tempted to feed the cat or it will adopt you and won`t try to return home.
Take a photograph and send it in to our facebook page.
Take the cat to your local vet if you can borrow a carry case, ask the vet to scan for a micro-chip, they will then take a note of the cats sescription and then we would ask you to put the cat back where you found it.(please do not drop cats off at the vets and leave them.)
Buy a cheap collar and attach a note wrapped in cling film or tin foil asking the owners to phone you and if the not is untouched for a period of days then take further action.
If the cat is injured or in danger,or you find a cat on the roadside, please phone SSPCA on 03000 999 999.
Search some of the lost and found websites eg Lost Cats Scotland.