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Our Community Neutering team work with some of the most in-need cats and communities across the UK.

About our Community Neutering Outreach programme

Cats Protection runs the largest cat neutering programme in the world and is at the forefront of promoting, encouraging and assisting neutering cats. Yet in a changing world we understand the need to adapt and improve how we tackle issues of growing populations of unwanted cats. In 2015, we began to develop a new Community Neutering Outreach model, taking a fresh approach to how we help people and cats.

Our aim through this new model is to dig below the surface in communities, to build up strong and effective bonds with other agencies and groups. Taking this approach helps us gain a real insight into what the root causes of the cat welfare issues are. This allows us to then develop bespoke interventions which support the community in improving the welfare for both owned and community cats.

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Community neutering locations

Our Community Neutering teams are based in the following locations;

Scotland - Yvette Malone - Community Neutering Officer for Scotland, current area of work Forth Valley: 07392 864 000.  Neuter Your Cat Scotland Facebook group

Northern Ireland - Gillian Curry – CNO for Northern Ireland, current area of work Limavady: 07584 772 529. Neuter Your Cat Northern Ireland Facebook group

Wales - Jo Griffiths – CNO for Wales, current area of work Merthyr: 07970 656 417. Merthyr Cat Neutering Support Facebook group

Bradford - Sophie Appleton – CNO for Bradford, current area of work West Bowling: 07583 954 781. Neuter Your Cat Bradford Facebook group

South East London - Caroline Wright – CNO for South East London, current area of work Plumstead/Woolwich: 07970 656 367. Carly Cats Facebook profile

Community Neutering Outreach training clip

Neuter your pet cats

Neutering your pet cats can help reduce the numbers of feral and community cats.

To find out if you may be eligible for support with the costs of neutering, visit our discount neutering campaigns page

Can Cats Protection help with a feral colony?

Feral cats, or those born wild, are equally protected in law as domestic cats and are more susceptible to disease. Simply removing feral cats isn't a long-term solution – a new colony will often move in.

The best option is to neuter all of the feral cats within as short a time frame as possible, reducing the size of the colony. Cats Protection offers trap, neuter and return (TNR) schemes for feral cats, which can help to limit disease.

If you'd like more information on feral neutering, please phone our helpline on 03000 12 12 12, choosing option 2 (lines open from 9.30am-1pm)

Volunteer with us!

At Cats Protection we welcome volunteers with open arms, no matter how much time you can give, there’s a place for you with us!

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