All cats and kittens over the age of five months benefit from neutering and it prevents unecessary and unwanted pregnancies. We are experiencing a serious increase in unwanted pregnant cats that need to be looked after and rehomed, plus kittens that also need to be homed.

The operation is very straightforward. The cat need only visit the vet on a day visit and recovery is really quick. Sometimes females need to return to the vet for stitch removal about ten days later.

We know that neutering can be an added expense for Cat owners - especially if you are on a low income or receiving any form of benefit. Cats Protection encourage neutering for all cats - we know that this will help reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens who come into our care.  Please consider the expense of a cat before entering a commitment to own one.

If you would like to find out if we can help with the cost of neutering for your cat please contact us - either by phone or email. We are currently unable to cover the full cost of neutering due to lack of funds but please call us to discuss your situation and if we can help, we will.

The Neutering Hotline number is 07901 775 207