Thinking of Adopting?

The adoption process..

When prospective adopters come into the centre in search of a new feline companion we start with an application form to find out about where they live, who’s in the house and what temperament of cat they are looking for. We want to ensure that as far as possible the cat coming into your life is just right for you, your family, your lifestyle and your future plans. Please appreciate that it is imperative after the experiences that some have suffered that they are placed in the right home to meet their specific needs. 

We can then have a look at their location on google maps to see how close they are to busy roads, how large the gardens are and whether it is urban or rural. We can then advise as to whether they should look for a cat which stays close to home, stays indoors or likes to roam, etc.  We require proof of address before adoption so please bring along ID or a utility bill. If the property is rented we would need to see permission from the landlord/council that pets can be kept at that property.

The adopter can then have a look through the centre and meet cats suitable for them. We always have a range of cats suitable for all households in the centre but if there is nothing that catches your eye immediately we have new cats coming in every day.

Once adopters are matched with a cat they can reserve this cat for up to 7 days to allow them time to set up an area at home to settle the cat into and buy anything they need. At this point they can set an adoption time to collect the cat and talk through settling in and any questions they may have.

Our Adoption fee... We give our cats love and cuddles for free...however whilst in our care, veterinary treatment for any one cat could cost £150 or more.  With this in mind, we ask for an adoption fee of £70 per cat/kitten under the age of 12 and £60 for cats over 12, and we are confident that you will appreciate the great benefits and value that this fee represents to you, and how it can in turn help Cats Protection to help more cats in need.
Please note: New adoption fees as of 1st April 2019

All cats that leave the centre are:

You will also receive 4 weeks free Petplan insurance.

Before you make your decision to adopt... Take time to read through some of our Essential Guides:  Feline Behaviour, Welcome Home and Introducing Cats to Cat/Dogs.  Also, please consider the fact that cats can live well into their twenties!

Thank-you for your interest in the cats and kittens at Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre, and we hope to see you soon!