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Facing the decision of having your cat put down and struggling to know when to let go? Read our guide.

Knowing when to say goodbye

Most cats live long and happy lives and are great companions. If your cat becomes ill and their quality of life diminishes, however, you might be trying to decide whether it is time to have your cat put down.

The bond between a cat and owner is special and it is understandable that you might want to keep your cat alive. However, if your cat begins to suffer or is in pain, you'll need to make the right decision for you and your beloved pet.

Keeping an eye on your cat

As an owner, you'll know your cat better than anyone, so it's important to keep an eye on any changes in health or behaviour. As your cat gets older, their behaviour is likely to change. However, keep an eye out for symptoms or signs of pain - this can include everything from unusual lethargy to reduced interest in food and drink.

Assessing quality of life

Illness in your cat isn't the only form of suffering. If your cat is elderly, you might want to monitor your cat in case there are any signs that their quality of life is being compromised. This includes if they are unable to stand or move normally, or if they're unable to eat or drink. While choosing to have your cat euthanased is one of the most difficult decisions you'll face, it is often kinder to allow your pet to die in peace and with dignity.

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Letting go is a decision that isn't made easily. If you feel you need support or someone to listen to your worries, get in touch with our Paws to Listen grief support line

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