All cats re-homed by Barnstaple Cats Protection are routinely micro-chipped. The benefits of micro-chipping are well known. Being able to quickly reunite cats with their owners is rewarding and can prevent new homes having to be found when there is already a home desperately missing their cat.

How does it work? Micro-chipping provides a permanent means of identification. A microchip, the size of a grain of rice, is injected under the skin on the back of the cat's neck. Once in place, it works like a supermarket bar code. Any animal that is found or involved in a road accident and is taken to a rescue centre or veterinary surgery, is checked for a microchip using a scanner.

If the animal is micro-chipped, the scanner reads the registration number. This number is held on a national database with the owner's contact details and the owner

Joy riding kitten - microchip success story

This is the story of Jess a 6 month old kitten who decided it would be fun to hop into the back of a van!!.
Jess's owner's couldn't find her anywhere and had spent days searching and putting up posters.
We then received a call from a lady to say her teenage Daughter had found a kitten in a stream, which was very lucky to be alive.  One of our volunteers went along with a microchip scanner and lo and behold the kitten was Jess!!. 8 miles away from home!!

Jess was reunited with her family, who were very grateful that Cats Protection always micro-chip  the cats and kittens we re-home.
 (Jess shown back at home with her family and Sue from Cats Protection. Jess is the one in the middle of the pic).
Moved house - micro chip cat gif Download: Microchipping guide