Older cats

Did you know that across the UK six times as many kittens are being adopted instead of older cats?

With kitten season taking place from April to September, many older cats are left in our care for longer as kittens often steal the limelight and never wait too long for a home. In our experience, very young cats often only remain in care for up to 10 days in comparison to older cats who can be left behind for up to 59 days.

Although both older cats and kittens need homes, older or elderly cats shouldn’t be overlooked if you do decide to adopt a cat. In fact, there are many advantages to choosing an older cat over a kitten:

  • Older cats have the tendency to stay closer to home and so make great companions if you’re looking for a couch companion to watch Strictly with in the winter evenings
  • You know what you are signing up for; we know that personalities shine through in all of our cats, however if you choose to get a kitten, then they obviously haven't grown up yet and fully developed their character. If you're the type of person who likes to know what they're in for, then an older cat may be right for you for this very reason!
  • Kittens need a lot of care and attention, especially if they are less than a year old, so it’s important that you can dedicate time to them, whereas older cats are quite independent and as long as they have the basics - access to food and water, a comfy bed, a couple of toys and a cat-flap to the outdoors - then there are fine to be left to their own devices when you are at work or if you are out for the day.
  • Speaking of being out for the day, older cats are less likely to cause mischief when you do pop out. Kittens are the ultimate explorers and in their early days they will be up and about and scaling the curtains to develop their agility. Older cats have been there, done that and got the t-shirt and so are less likely to turn your house into a playground!

Improvements in cat care have greatly raised the quality and life expectancy for cats across the UK and many household moggies are now living into their late teens and early 20s in good health, so you shouldn’t be put off getting a cat that’s a little older.

Some elderly cats will need a bit of extra care and we have a variety of resources to support you with understanding your cat’s needs. You can read more about caring for elderly cats here. All of our cats have a written profile next to their pen, so if you do pop in, you will see their name, age, personality traits and of course, what each of them requires, if indeed they do need a little extra support.

Still need convincing? Well, come on down to our Adoption Centre and meet some of our current older residents. They all have unique personalities (we think they’re lovely!) and you may just fall in love with one of them. You will soon see that they are young at heart.