Older Cats

Concerned about the cost of caring for an older cat ?

Sometimes an older cat can potentially develop health problems, and with some treatments costing far more than you thought, many of our older cats are passed over because of this concern.

At Cats Protection, we have partnered with PetPlan, for our recommended cat insurance providers. They give all of our cats a free 4 week insurance cover the moment they are rehomed, to offset the worry a new owner might have of injury and illness that might occur when their new pet adjusts to their new environment.

PetPlan give generous bonuses to all Cats Protection cats, no matter their background, or age.  

For example, PetPlan "Covered For Life" Insurance offers

  • No premium increase after claiming
  • Total benefit amount refreshed upon renewal
  • No upper age limit on full policy upgrade
  • Required medication costs of treatment included
  • A periodic review of conditions affecting your pet
  • Covers dental problems occurring after veterinary advice
  • 10% of your premium donated back to Cats Protection

 And more...

 Call our Adoption Centre on 01564 822 020 or go to


 for information about this reassuring insurance cover for your cat.