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Monday, August 4, 2014

We love sharing our lives, sofas and beds with our cats – they’re a source of comfort and often, entertainment too!

Everyone loves a cat meme – so let's use them to take a look at the benefits of owning a cat!

1. Who needs an alarm clock when you have a 5am wakeup call every day?

Tabby cat under cover meme

Original photo by hkase via flickr / Creative Commons

2. You’re often greeted by unexpected ‘presents’ when you get home

White cat legs with white toy mouse meme

Original photo by riebart via flickr / Creative Commons

3. On a cold day, you’ve always got a furry hot water bottle to snuggle up to

Tabby cat snuggled in chest of a man wearing a leather jacket

Original photo by jmettraux via flickr / Creative Commons

4. Dinner time (or any mealtime for that matter) is a bit of a battle

fawn cat sitting on dinner table

Original photo by kluepfel via flickr / Creative Commons

5. Well, a lot of a battle if we’re being honest

Tortie cat licking lips after eating from food bowl

Original photo by htakashi via flickr / Creative Commons

6. You’ll often find a furry ball hidden in your bed sheets

Tabby cat under bedsheets

Original photo by johnharo via flickr / Creative Commons

7. Need the loo? They’ll follow you. And watch

Cat sitting in bathroom meme

Original photo by teagrrl via flickr / Creative Commons

8. Cats can sleep anywhere, and we mean anywhere

cat sleeping in vending machine meme

Original photo by 55431287@N03 via flickr / Creative Commons

9. Trying to do some work, study or read a book? You’ve got a little helper for that

Tabby and white cat lying on laptop meme

Original photo by geebee2007 via flickr / Creative Commons

10. You’ve got unconditional love for life

black and white cat having cuddles with woman

Original photo by sheila_sund via flickr / Creative Commons

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