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Cat memes: Top 10 things cat owners can identify with

Owning a cat is such a wonderful, rewarding experience. They’re brilliant companions, endlessly entertaining and even good for our mental health.

We love them for their quirky habits and curious natures. And there are some funny habits that all cat owners will be familiar with, whether you’ve got an affectionate lap cat or an independent diva.

Here are some cat memes that show the benefits of owning a moggy.

1. Cat owners don't need alarm clocks.

Who needs an alarm clock when you have a 5am wakeup call every day?

Tabby cat under cover meme

Original photo by hkase via flickr / Creative Commons

2. Cats give you thoughtful gifts.

You’re often greeted by unexpected ‘presents’ when you get home.

White cat legs with white toy mouse meme

Original photo by riebart via flickr / Creative Commons

3. Cats will keep a lap warm!

On a cold day, you’ve always got a furry hot water bottle to snuggle up to.

Tabby cat snuggled in chest of a man wearing a leather jacket

Original photo by jmettraux via flickr / Creative Commons

4. Cats are rather demanding when it comes to food.

Dinner time (or any mealtime for that matter) is a bit of a battle.

fawn cat sitting on dinner table

Original photo by kluepfel via flickr / Creative Commons

5. Cats are persistent. 

Well, dinner time is a lot of a battle if we’re being honest.

Tortie cat licking lips after eating from food bowl

Original photo by htakashi via flickr / Creative Commons

6. Cats love to hide under the bed covers.

You’ll often find a furry ball hidden in your bed sheets.

Tabby cat under bedsheets

Original photo by johnharo via flickr / Creative Commons

7. Your cat will be your loyal bathroom assistant.

Need the loo? They’ll follow you. And watch.

Cat sitting in bathroom meme

Original photo by teagrrl via flickr / Creative Commons

8. Cats can sleep anywhere.

And we mean anywhere.

cat sleeping in vending machine meme

Original photo by 55431287@N03 via flickr / Creative Commons

9. Cats will also 'help' with your work.

Trying to do some work, study or read a book? You’ve got a little helper for that.

Tabby and white cat lying on laptop meme

Original photo by geebee2007 via flickr / Creative Commons

10. Cats love us unconditionally.

You’ve got unconditional love for life.

black and white cat having cuddles with woman

Original photo by sheila_sund via flickr / Creative Commons


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