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A round-up of our favourite funny cat photos that have cheered up dreary January


To help us brighten up a very wet and cold January, we set our supporters a weekly challenge to send us their best cat photos on social media.

There was a different photo theme each week and we were inundated with hundreds of lovely photos that had us smiling and laughing. Here are just a few of our favourites…

Your cat’s cosy spot

Moggies in their favourite and often unusual snoozing places.

black-and-white cat spready out face-down on the back of a brown leather chairBertie loves to spread out after a hard day's snoozing. Credit: Ruth Mackensie.

long-haired grey-and-white cat lying on its back on human's lapMabel showing off her glorious fluffy tummy. Credit: Jill Coombes.

tortoiseshell-and-white cat lying under red covers on a bedOnly a fully-made bed will do for Misha, who was adopted from Cats Protection Gateshead. Credit: Paula Holliday.

See more cosy cat photos in our video below. 

Finest feline boss

Cats ‘helping’ their owners while they work or study from home.

brown tabby cat reaching out paw towards laptop keyboardPaso perfecting his typing skills, or perhaps he's more interested in the mouse? Credit: Gaz Crawford-Comley.

black-and-white cat reaching for yellow pen on wooden tableProof that the pen is not mightier than the paw. Credit: @VivThePixie.

ginger tabby cat sitting on a laptop keyboardWhen there's no lap to sit on, a laptop will have to do. Credit: Kimberley Buckley. 

Watch the video below to see more feline bosses in action. 

Favourite hiding place

The ingenious nooks and crannies cats like to squeeze themselves into.

a ginger-and-white and a black-and-white cat sitting on different shelves in a kitchen cupboardIt's not just cupboard love for Andy and Felix, they take their job of guarding the snacks very seriously. Credit: Lisa White. 

long-haired ginger tabby cat sitting inside cardboard cat houseA cardboard palace fit for his lordship Baz. Credit: Andy Sales. 

ginger-and-white tabby cat hiding underneath green patterned rugThere's no way you'll find Ash in a game of hide and seek. What lump under the rug? Credit: Janis Ryall.

Find more fabulous cat hiding places in the video below. 

Creative cat crafts

Amazing kitty creations you’ve crafted to entertain your cats at home.

Brown tabby cat sitting in cardboard box decorated as chip vanChipper drives a hard bargain for his chips but who can resist that face? Credit: Alice Lavery.

black-and-white cat sat in cardboard box decorated as fortWe wouldn't want to cross the fierce feline defences of Fort Rosie! Credit: Fiona Harrison. 

tortoiseshell-and-white cat sat inside cardboard trainAll aboard the Cat Express, next stop - Catnip Town! Credit: Abbie Allford. 

Check out lots more creative cat crafts in the video below.

We love to see what your cats get up to so don’t forget to share your fabulous photos with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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