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Animal-loving celebrities including Holly Willoughby, Deborah Meaden, Jo Brand and Bob Mortimer have donated their own t-shirts to be turned into DIY cat beds

To show just how simple it is to create a safe, warm space for cats, a bunch of our cat-loving celebrity friends have donated t-shirts that we have transformed into cosy cat beds.

Two man standing in front of Cats Protection 'adopt with confidence' sign and behind a table with cardboard boxes and t-shirts on itMax & Harvey ready to make their cat beds at our Harrow Centre

Pop duo and YouTube stars Max & Harvey were filmed at their local Cats Protection adoption centre in Harrow to demonstrate how to make a cat bed using their own donated t-shirts and a cardboard box.

black-and-white cat sat in front of cat bed made from cardboard box and white t-shirt with boho designThe cat bed made from Holly Willoughby's t-shirt

TV presenter Holly Willoughby donated a boho top and said: “We all know cats need a cosy hiding spot, so I love how easy it is to make one for them out of items we all have at home.”

brown tabby cat looking inside cat bed made from cardboard box and yellow t-shirt with white rabbit designDeborah Meaden's t-shirt turned into a cosy bed

Entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden agreed saying: “I love to recycle and find new uses for items, so to know it’s easy to make our cats cosy using things we already have is great.”

red t-shirt with 'Jo in silver and a handwritten note from Jo BrandThe t-shirt donated by Jo Brand, with a handwritten note

Comedian Jo Brand donated the red ‘Jo’ t-shirt she wore to take to the stage as one of the Cheeky Girls alongside Ruby Wax to support Comic Relief in 2002.

brown tabby cat with head inside cat bed made from cardboard box and pink t-shirt with lettering on itA cat bed created from Kim-Joy's t-shirt

While Great British Bake Off star Kim-Joy donated the oversized food-themed tees that she uses to cover her clothes when she gets messy in the kitchen.

Four McFly t-shirts in assorted colours with scissors and a pen next to themThe t-shirts donated by McFly 

Pop group McFly donated some band t-shirts and Bob Mortimer included signed postcards in his donation of two t-shirts worn to promote his recent autobiography.

grey-t-shirt with coffee cup design on it and a handwritten card from Bob MortimerBob Mortimer's t-shirt with a handwritten card

The celebrity cat beds were featured on our social media channels, with followers getting the chance to win a celebrity t-shirt for their own DIY cat bed projects.

The remaining t-shirts will be used to create beds for the cats waiting for homes in some of our adoption centres across the UK, helping us to make their pens feel like home this winter.

To find out how to create your own DIY cat bed using just a t-shirt and a cardboard box, watch our video below or follow our step-by-step guide.

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