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Energetic Tobias has arrived in our care three times in six months as his previous homes did not work out

Tobias first came to our Bredhurst Adoption Centre last April when his owner fell ill and could not care for him.

black-and-white cat

Before long, the sprightly eight-year-old had worked his many charms on a young Kent couple and he was rehomed. But sadly, his over-excitable nature caught the attention of the territorial neighbourhood cats and he was badly bullied whenever he ventured out of his new home.

“As a curious cat who likes to explore, it wasn’t practical for Tobias to live there any longer,” said Bredhurst Adoption Centre Manager Adrian Ferne. “He was constantly attacked by the local bullies and wound up back at Bredhurst a few months later.”

Tobias’s chances of a happy life looked up again when he was adopted in October, but his exuberant nature and tendency to nip fingers when he gets overexcited proved too much for his new elderly owners and they reluctantly returned him to the adoption centre.

black-and-white cat lying on white fleece blanket

Even finding himself in care for the third time in just six months couldn’t dull Tobias’s high spirits and his carers are keen to match this lovable but boisterous boy with a suitable adult-only home without other pets but with a garden in which to play and explore.

“Tobias is a lovely, friendly lad full of character and charm, but hasn’t learned to control his playfulness,” said Adrian. “Sometimes he can get over excited and will nip at your fingers. He’s not nasty but he is a livewire who can sometimes be a bit cheeky.

“Once he gets to know you, he is very cuddly and loves to sit on your lap for a fuss. We know Tobias doesn’t get on with other cats, so we are appealing for experienced owners who can appreciate his behaviour and give him the attention he needs to eat up all that energy.”

black-and-white cat

Tobias is in good health, apart from mild dermatitis on the underside of his chin due to allergies to plastic so he will need ceramic or metal food and water bowls. Brushing under his chin and keeping it clean will also help and, thankfully, Tobias loves the attention.

If you would like to offer a home to Tobias, visit Bredhurst Adoption Centre’s website or contact them on or 01634 232 471.

If your cat hasn’t been themselves and vets cannot find any medical cause, a qualified feline behaviourist might be able to help. Cats Protection has put together tips on how to find a good cat behaviourist, as well as advice on measures to try at home.

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