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Happy homes found for kittens abandoned in a filthy holdall bag.

Do you remember the story we posted last October about the holdall kittens abandoned near Cats Protection’s National Cat Centre in East Sussex?

We're pleased to tell you that we've found loving new homes for all three cats.

black and white kittens in cat adoption centre

All the cats have loving new homes


They are now all settled in their new homes. Last autumn, the five-month-old kittens were discovered by walkers in Ashdown Forest, East Sussex. The cats had been zipped into a filthy holdall and dumped in a car park. The walkers alerted CP staff who searched the area and found the trio. All three – named Piglet, Forest and Fidget – were cared for at CP's National Adoption Centre and recovered well from their ordeal.

Jayne Parker adopted Piglet (centre of picture). She says: “Piglet is thriving. She plays with my older cat Piccalilli and tries to pinch his food if she has the opportunity! She also plays with my 18-month-old granddaughter. She’s taken well to our family and the whole family has taken to her.”

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