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Top tips from interior design experts on how to create #ThePurrfectHome for you and your cat


With all of us spending a lot more time at home over this past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our living spaces have never been more important.

This has led many people to start shifting their furniture, spruce up their walls, or completely rethink their décor, but how do you make sure your home is also purrfect for your cat?

grey tabby cat with blue eyes with 'Create #ThePurrfectHome' text

Of course, it’s important to consider your cat’s needs when switching up your home but this doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style.

A great place to find lots of feline-friendly and fashionable inspiration is Instagram, where cat-owning interior design influencers regularly post pictures of their pets lounging against the stylish backdrops of their homes.

We spoke to a few of these interiors gurus to find out their top tips for cat owners looking to create #ThePurrfectHome.

Interior design tips for cat owners


Provide plenty of cosy snoozing spots

Cats can spend up to 75% of their lives asleep, so it’s important they have lots of places for a cat nap.

White-and-grey Ragdoll cat sitting on pink blanket on grey sofaFlo posing in her beautiful Scandinavian-inspired home. @MyShabbyBohoHome

Sarah, whose cat Flo often steals the show on her @MyShabbyBohoHome page, says: “Flo, probably like many cats, chooses where to sleep. Despite having two cat beds she finds her own places that change all the time. It’s important to make sure there’s opportunities for your cat to explore and find comfy spots but they must be practical. It’s difficult to have vases or frames on my bedroom units as she loves sprawling out there when the sun shines.

“I keep my bedroom side clear for her to lay on higher up and Flo has a play tunnel to hide in. I leave throws and blankets on chairs, beds and the sofa for her to snuggle. She also loves a fluffy rug and empty boxes and baskets so we have them around the home for her to play in.”

Give your cat places to climb

Being able to get up high and survey their territory helps cats to feel safe, so it’s a good idea to create lots of perches for them around you home.

brown tabby cat sleeping on white sofa in the sunshinePhoebe soaking up the rays in her renovated Victorian home. @LittleTerracedHouse

Mel, whose cat Phoebe was adopted from Cats Protection in 2018 and stars on her page @LittleTerracedHouse, says: “Lots of cats like to climb, so installing a couple of shelves especially for this in an alcove for example is a really nice idea. You can put a little cushion on a high shelf for kitty to sit on.”

Invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner

Keeping your stylish furnishings free from fur can be a challenge when you have a cat around, but if you have a powerful vacuum cleaner on hand then cleaning up is easy.

ginger cat sat on blue velvet cubed footstall in front of green velvet sofaGeorge relaxing among the retro 'luxe maximalist' décor of his home. @Deco.Dwelling

Sarah from @MyShabbyBohoHome says: “We invested in a Shark vacuum which is perfect for hard floors, carpet and the handheld part is great for beds and the sofa. Also, if you have a cat who goes outside invest in a rug they can get dirty by the backdoor to save your floors from messy paws.”

Laura, whose cat George has a big following on her @Deco.Dwelling page, adds: “George loves a sheepskin throw or anything cosy, so these are great for dotting around your house or on furniture you don’t want to get riddled with cat hair. Plus they are relatively inexpensive.”

This year our partner Shark have committed to donating £50,000 to both Cats Protection and Dogs Trust to support our work during a one-year period. To find out more and purchase a Shark vacuum cleaner, visit their website.  

Buy stylish cat accessories

There are a few essentials that your cat will need to help them feel at home, including a scratch post, litter tray, food and water bowls and a cosy bed to sleep in.

white-and-cream Ragdoll cat sat on wooden cat toyToulouse's favourite stylish cat toy compliments his chic 'Japandi' home. @Homes_And

Lisa from @Homes_And, who regularly posts photos featuring her lovely cat Toulouse, says “I always try to choose scratch posts in natural materials and colours so they blend in nicely with my home.

“Toulouse also has a flat scratch mat that is the cardboard type which has a wooden track around it with balls in for him to play with. I always tell people to choose cat accessories that are the same colour as the furnishings or room you intend to put them in so they don’t stand out too much. And natural materials like wood always look more stylish and expensive compared to plastic.”

Jo from @NorthernStyling and owner of the handsome Mister Bojangles says: “Cat accessories can be stylish if you choose the right options. I have a handmade food bowl which I ordered from Etsy and a cat tipi from, but I have to confess he has never been in it! He much prefers the sofa but it looks cute so it’s staying! I think it’s becoming way easier to buy aesthetically pleasing items for your animals as well as for you.”

black-and-white cat standing on grey sofa and sniffing grey cat tipiMister Bojangles inspecting his cat tipi, but he much prefers the sofa! @NorthernStyling 

If you’re looking for stylish yet practical cat accessories for your home, take a look at Cats Protection’s new Cat Care Collection, featuring comfy beds, fun toys and lots more.

Take care when choosing houseplants

Including flowers and foliage in your home is a great way to add a splash of colour, but unfortunately some plants are toxic to cats.

Mel from @LittleTerracedHouse says: “You need to think about things like houseplants or vases of flowers and whether they could be dangerous for a cat. As much as I love them, we avoid lilies for example.”

To find a handy list of the all the plants that are dangerous for cats, and some suggestions of some cat-safe flowers, visit

Keep your cat safe when decorating

Cats love predictability and routine, so changing things around at home can be quite stressful for them. Try making any big changes gradually, and make sure your cat has somewhere peaceful and safe to retreat to while you’re decorating.

Mel from @LittleTerracedHouse says: “Make sure you don't uproot your cat too much when decorating by moving their favourite bed or blanket,” while Sarah from @MyShabbyBohoHome advises: “Decorate when someone else is home to stop your furry friend getting their paws in paint pots!”

For more tips and advice for creating #ThePurrfectHome for you and your cat, visit

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