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How to make a cat tent out of a T-shirt

Cats like to have plenty of places around the home to hide. It helps to make them feel safe and secure, especially if something makes them feel anxious or scared, such as fireworks or unfamiliar visitors.

A hiding place could be inside a wardrobe with the door ajar, on top of a high shelf, or under a bed. Cats feel safer if they can get up high to see their surroundings. If you have an elderly cat, or your cat struggles to get up high, try to make sure they can easily get to their hiding place with strategically placed stools or boxes.

Make your own cat tent – here's how:

A cardboard box is a great hiding place – and you can make it feel even more snuggly by easily transforming a box into a tent for your cat!

All you need is a cardboard box, a cushion or cat bedding and an old t-shirt.

Cut two holes in the side of the box so that your cat can get in and out easily without feeling trapped – ask an adult to help if you’re using scissors. Put the cushion or bedding in the bottom of the box to make it cosy.

Pull the t-shirt over the box so that the neck lines up with the hole on one side of the box and the bottom of the t-shirt is over the hole on the other side (leave this side of the box open).

You can tuck the sleeves in against the box to make the sides look neater.

The box tent is quick to make and your cat will love it!

Cat hiding in a cat tent box

Photo by Tracy Wynn

When your cat is seeking safety and hiding, it’s best to leave them alone where they feel safe and secure.

Find out more about why cats hide and how to help a shy or nervous cat to come out of their shell.

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