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How to make your cat a fishing rod toy.

As hunting is a natural activity for cats, keeping your cats amused with toys is important as it keeps them mentally stimulated, provides good exercise and can actually strengthen your bond with them.

Toys don’t have to be expensive either; it’s really easy and cheap to make your own toys at home.

This video shows how you can make a really simple fishing rod toy:

You just need:


A cats’ hunting instinct is often triggered by movement, so toys that move like fishing rod toys with feathers are a useful way to provide pet cats with this outlet, as well as great fun for you too. Short games of a minute or two throughout the day are best to mimic your cat’s natural hunting activity.

Cats are generally most active during dawn and dusk (as this is normally when their prey is most active), so it can be useful to have extra play sessions during these times to use up that extra energy.

It’s important to let your cat catch and ‘attack’ the toy to help prevent frustration and release happy hormones (endorphins) and always store toys safely out of reach after use.

Happy playing!

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