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How to remove a tick from your cat

Ticks are most commonly found on moorland and in long grass, or woodland and they can carry Lyme disease – although more prevalent in the USA – which can affect humans and animals.

If left untreated, ticks can cause infection, sore patches and abscesses. If your cat comes home with a tick (the first sign is a small dot attached to your cat’s skin but as it feeds it gets larger and can be mistaken for a wart or lump) it’s important to remove it as soon as possible.


How to identify a tick


How to get rid of a tick on your cat


After you’ve removed the tick

How to remove a tick from your cat guide

For more information on making sure your cat is healthy, read our quick guide to cat health.

Consult your vet for further advice, or if you notice any change in your cat’s health or behaviour.

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