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Why do cats blep – and is it the latest pet craze?

Feline 'blepping' seems to be the latest digital trend at the moment.

It’s when the tip of the cat's tongue is left poking out unconsciously – you may have even noticed your own cat in a world of their own, apparently unaware that their tongue is sticking out ever-so-slightly!

Gorgeous Cats Protection cat Wilfred here was caught blepping by our Taunton & Wellington Branch!

black cat blep poking out tongue

Wilfred's little tongue poking out!


Is there anything cuter?!


But why do cats blep?

Cats Protection’s Behaviour Manager Nicky Trevorrow says: “Many cats seem to poke out the tip of their tongue particularly if they get distracted during grooming. Other cats will rest or sleep with the tip of their tongue out.”

Nicky adds: “It can also be a sign of medical problem, particularly if your cat has recently started doing this, is sticking their tongue out continuously, or it’s combined with other signs such as drooling or difficulty eating, like only eating on one side of the mouth.

“Cats are extremely subtle in their behaviour when they are not well so it can be very hard to tell if something is wrong. Cats’ mouths can be quite difficult to examine at home, so it is worth taking your cat to the vets for a health check to thoroughly examine your cat’s mouth.”

If your cat starts to do something that is out of character, the first thing you should always do is book them in for a health check with your vet to rule out any medical problems that could cause this behaviour.

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