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Our friends at Shark helped us pick the names of Dodge’s kittens and they’re now ready to be rehomed in time for Halloween

Heavily pregnant Dodge arrived at our Bridgend Adoption Centre in July after a kind member of the public spotted her on the streets.

The poor stray weaved around the woman’s feet looking for a fuss, so she named her Dodge as she had to keep dodging around her to avoid being tripped up.

black-and-white cat with litter of newborn kittens in blue cat bedDodge with her litter of newborn kittens

Once in our care, Dodge gave birth to six beautiful kittens on 21 July and we asked our official partners Shark for help naming them all.

Shark put a callout on their social media channels for people to suggest some names, and then the team picked their favourites.

black kitten with blue eyesAt five weeks old the kittens were gaining some independence 

The winning names were: Shadow, Salem, Sky and Magic for the boys and Luna and Storm for the girls – all appropriately seasonal for when the kittens would be old enough to be rehomed.

Over the following weeks we then gave Shark’s followers updates on how the kittens were doing.

one black kitten and two black-and-white kittens cuddled up together on grey fleece blanketMagic (left) and Storm (right) at six weeks old 

At six weeks old the kittens were doing well and starting to eat solid food. Sky was a bit poorly and was put on a course of medication.

Dodge had her paws full as the kittens were all running around and playing. She has been a very patient mother, but we’re sure when the time comes for them to leave she will be relieved to have a rest!

one black kitten and two black-and-white kittens cuddled up together on red fleece blanketMagic, Shadow and Storm at eight weeks old

When the kittens were eight weeks old, Dodge and the majority of the kittens were neutered although Luna and Sky had to wait a little longer as they were still a bit too small.

So far Dodge, Salem, Shadow, Magic and Storm have been adopted and we’re sure it won’t be long before Luna and Sky find new homes too.

black-and-white kittenAt 10 weeks old, Sky will soon find his new home

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