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Outstanding Rescue Cat finalists – National Cat Awards 2018

If you're looking for a new feline friend, you should definitely consider a rescue cat. Cats Protection has thousands of cats and kittens waiting for loving homes and when you adopt from us you can be sure they are happy and healthy.

If you're still not convinced that adopting it better then buying when it comes to getting a new pet, take a look at the finalists of the National Cat Awards Outstanding Rescue Cat Awards.

All of the finalists were adopted from animal welfare organisations and have gone on to change the lives of the people around them...




Florence brought inspiration to a whole community after being adopted by Reverend Christine French as a church cat. Regularly welcoming brides at weddings and providing a soothing presence at funerals, the deaf former stray is also an inspiration for schoolchildren. Rev French explained: “I use her as an example to tell children that anything is possible.”




Former stray Sox has transformed the lives of patients and staff after being adopted by the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in Putney. The four-year-old puss provides comfort and companionship for patients with brain injuries and also helps motivate those undergoing therapy. Staff member Tracy Dipalma said: “He is an incredible support and comfort to a huge number of people.”




Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Travis Tremayne was given the devastating news he may only have three months to live. Yet tiny stray kitten Lucky inspired him to continue his fight and one year later Travis is on a trial course of treatment and brimming with positivity. He said: “She’s an inspiration and has been such a huge support to me every single day.”

The winner of the award will be chosen by a panel of celebrity judges and announced at a star-studded ceremony at London’s Savoy Hotel on Thursday 2 August. One fabulous feline will also be crowned National Cat of The Year!

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