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Badly wounded stray cat Chunky had a history of self-inflicted injuries when he arrived at our Harrow Homing Centre

Chunky, believed to be around eight years old, was admitted by vets in Waltham Forest when a concerned resident saw a sore open wound on his head.

After treatment, he was taken into foster care at our Waltham Forest Branch to recover.

black-and-white cat standing on grey fleece blanket next to grey plastic cat hideChunky has recovered and is looking for a new home

Now fully healed he has been transferred to our Harrow Homing Centre, where carers are appealing for a patient and understanding new owner to come forward.

“Chunky’s wound looked horrendous when he was brought in,” said Lydia Sawyer, Manager at Harrow Homing Centre. “We aren’t sure what happened to him but his vet notes from before he came to us indicate that it was self-inflicted so it is likely due to irritating skin allergies.

black-and-white cat with red, open wound on its head eating from blue cat food bowlChunky had a sore open wound on his head when he arrived

“Chunky will be on medication to help with his itchiness and scratching so we are looking for owners who are willing to take on that responsibility.

“At 7.45kg he’s also overweight, hence the name he has been given. With a controlled diet he is steadily losing the extra weight but he will need strong-willed owners as the medication he is on increases his appetite. 

the back of a black-and-white cat's head showing healed woundWith the right vet care, Chunky's wound has now healed 

“Hopefully, when he is settled in a caring new home he will be more relaxed and can be weaned off the medication with veterinary support and his weight will return to normal.”

Despite his issues, Chunky is a cat full of character and spirit. Lydia added: “He’s a lovely boy, very affectionate and an absolute dream for my team. He winds around your legs asking for a fuss and just laps up any attention he can get. He is a favourite at the centre and has remained a loving chap in foster care.

“We are appealing for an adult-only home where Chunky will be the only pet and will have access to the outdoors. He will also need someone with time to give Chunky the attention he craves and the patience to care for his health needs. In return, he will undoubtedly have a lot of love to share.”
Anyone interested in homing Chunky can apply through the Harrow Homing Centre website.

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