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Keeping your cat safe over Christmas – advice from Simon's Cat Logic video.

The latest video in the Simon’s Cat Logic series is focused on the festive season. Christmas can often be a confusing time for cats, as Behaviour Manager Nicky Trevorrow explains. Unfamiliar scents, sounds and people can have an effect on stress levels too. Nicky gives plenty of advice on how to survive Christmas with cats in the home – from keeping decorations out of reach to ensuring your cat stays calm.

Simon explains that his cat Hugh was the inspiration for his short Christmas animations. He talks about the first year that Hugh arrived and his obsession with the Christmas tree. “He soon became quite the climber!” he exclaims.


Nicky explains that while cats love Christmas trees, it is best to ensure you have a sturdy base – this ensures the tree doesn’t come crashing down if your cat decides to climb it. She also points out that baubles and unwrapped gifts can be potential hazards and should be placed out of reach.

The video also shares advice on the other aspects of Christmas, including ensuring that your cat has a ‘safe room’ to hide away from the festivities going on in the house. As Nicky explains: “Keep aware that your cat might not want to join in. You can create a ‘safe room’ complete with food bowl, water bowl and litter tray – all resources will need to be easily accessible. Also give them a place to hide and get up high.”

The five short Christmas animations at the end are each focused on a different part of Christmas. ‘Santa Claws’ looks at a cat’s obsession with trees while ‘Sticky Tape’ focuses on the perils of gift wrapping with cats around! ‘Little Box’ shows a cat enjoying a cardboard box – the ideal Christmas gift for felines, and ‘Fowl Play’ is centred around a cat attempting to get hold of a delicious Christmas turkey.

If you want to watch more of the Simon’s Cat Logic videos, head to their YouTube channel.

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